The mission of money Puppets.com is to help the American people see how billionaires, giant corporations and the Money Puppet politicians they buy, are intentionally working to destroy America’s middle class democracy and replace it with a form of corporate feudalism.

A money puppet is 1. A politician who works
for the rich at the expense of everyone else
2. The combination of a classic sock puppet
and a Politician who works for the rich.

To accomplish our goal we will make and distribute simple sock puppet replicas of the Money Puppet politicians who work for billionaires and giant corporations at the expense of the middle class. To be labeled a Money Puppet a politician must meet at least four of the following six criteria:

1. Support tax cuts for billionaires and giant corporations?
2. Insist on cutting programs and services for the middle class and poor?
3. Believe corporations are people and money is speech?
4. Want to reduce or eliminate the estate tax on billionaires?
5. Oppose Wall Street regulation and reform?
6. Support the Grover Norquist anti tax pledge even for billionaires?

Our hope is that soon no Money Puppet politician anywhere will be able to attend a campaign rally, town hall meeting or other public event without seeing their own Money Puppet replicas smiling back at them.

We look forward to a time when thousands of middle-class people attending rallies and demonstrations throughout the United States, will raise their Money Puppets into the air chanting, my governor’s, (or my senator’s or my congressperson’s) a Money Puppet over and over again.

We can imagine a time when “Money Puppet” is a household phrase easily understood to mean a politician who works for the rich at the expense of the rest.

We believe, that when the middle-class and working poor learn which of their politicians are nothing more then the smiling servants of billionaires and giant corporations, they will reject those Money Puppet politicians and the billionaire ad campaigns that got them elected.

Finally, we believe that an easy, fun, and effective way to help people understand how billionaires and their Money Puppets are destroying America’s middle class is through the use of their own Money Puppet’s and the Money Puppet campaign.

Waging class warfare one sock at a time.